Dolores Food Market

Gourmet Groceries with Local Flavor!

Shop Dolores Food Market, your Gourmet Convenience Store with local flair. Discover the Unexpected Gourmet® selection of fresh produce, custom cut meat, ready-to-eat deli meals and home-made baked goodies.

The Dolores Food Market is a family run grocery store in the beautiful town of Dolores, Colorado. It caters to locals who are looking for faster service than the big-box stores and to tourists who are looking for "real food." Located on the highway between Telluride and Durango, Colorado, the Dolores Food Market is the perfect place to stock up on all those supplies you'll need for outdoor and indoor activities in the area.

Unexpected Gourmet®

Owners Taz and Linnea Vass are known for their committment to culinary and business excellence. They carry a wide variety of fresh-cut meats, organic produce, bulk food items, beverages, and household items.

As Taz and Linnea built the inventory by responding to customer requests, they kept hearing the same comments from customers, "We did not expect this store in a small town!"   Taz and his dad, Jerry Vass, formulated and registered the trademark of Unexpected Gourmet®. 

The next time you drive through Dolores, be sure to stop by to say hello and experience the local grocer of Dolores.